How Much Is a Storage Unit?

Storage Units For Rent With All The Amenities A lot of people ask us, “how much is a storage unit?” Unfortunately there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer, and the cost of renting a storage unit depends on many factors like unit size, location, available amenities, and duration of the rental agreement. At Extra Attic Mini Storage, [...]

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Storage Units For Rent With All The Amenities

Storage Units For Rent With All The Amenities Most storage units for rent are a dime a dozen, but quality locations aren’t always easy to find. We've all felt the pressure in having to trust complete strangers with our belongings, especially when storing old, antique, or sentimental heirlooms. Is my stuff going to be secure? [...]

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Richmond Storage Units

Advantages of Extra Attic Mini Storage What do you do when you run out of room in your home? You find an extra attic! Extra Attic offers Richmond storage units that provide a safe and alternative option for people who could really use some additional space. Extra Attic has been providing storage units Richmond, VA [...]

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