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How Big Of A Storage Unit Do I Need?


How Big Of A Storage Unit Do I Need?

If you’ve decided that you need to clean out your house and put all your extra stuff away in a self-storage unit, you might be thinking: how big of a storage unit do I need?

Whether you’re moving into a smaller house and don’t need the extra furniture or if there’s too much clutter around your house, getting a rental space is a great option.

But remember, if you miscalculate the size, you might end up with a space so small that it doesn’t fit your belongings. And no, the solution isn’t always to get a large storage space for rent – read on to understand unit measurements and how to optimize space to determine how much storage space you require.

Understanding Unit Sizes

Before you can rent out a space, you need to be sure what the dimensions mean and how much furniture can actually fit into the space.

Here are three types of storage units that you can rent.

Small Storage Units

These are storage units from 20 to 80 sq. ft. which can fit items that typically go into a closet – standard or walk-in.

The space can be utilized to store furniture of a single bedroom apartment or small household furniture such as bookcases, chairs, coffee tables or boxes.

Medium Storage Units

These self-storage facilities can be as big as an average-sized bedroom or half a car garage with 81 to 150 sq. ft. of space – typically, these are big enough to store the furnishings of a twin bedroom apartment.

Large Storage Units

Large storage facilities are ideal for holding items of a large household – things you can imagine fitting in a large living room or a garage.

With 151 to 300 sq. ft. of space, these units can contain furniture of up to 3 rooms.

How Big Is A 10 By 10 Storage Unit?

With an area of 100 sq. ft., a 10×10 is the average facility used to house belongings.

This space is ideal to store the contents of a three-bedroom apartment and can store items such as moving boxes, mattress sets, dining room sets, sofas, etc. It can even ideally fit large furniture during a re-location or an extended trip.

How To Choose The Right Size

Now that you understand how each size translates to the number of your belongings, here’s a three-step guide to picking the right unit:

Step 1 – List down the items you want to put away in the storage and make sure to include everything – from the furniture to the appliances and anything else that won’t go in a box.

Step 2 – Count the boxes you will put in your unit; if you are looking for a long-term storage solution with minimum damage to your personal items, make sure to use good quality boxes or uniform-sized plastic containers.

Step 3 – Stack your boxes neatly in a corner – no more than four boxes vertically – to determine how much space they are taking up.

Find Your Storage Container Today

If you’re looking for a complete self-storage solution at extra low rental rates or need any more information about storage units, you can contact Extra Attic!

We provide self-storage facilities with added amenities so you can store your belongings in a safe space.